Adjustable Sawtooth Generator

by | Apr 17, 2023 | Audio Electronics, Circuit Design, Electronics, Falstad

Here we explore the operation of the Adjustable Sawtooth Generator you often see in my videos.

We learn about constant current sources, capacitor charging, diode switches, comparator circuits and hysteresis.

Both the breadboard and circuit simulator app Falstad is used to explore and demo the various subcircuit that create the Sawtooth Generator.


Here I am designing and assembling my version of the Sawtooth Generator on strip board.

The box I used is available here, from Rapid Electronics in the Uk, although there are many alternatives for this type of 9Volt battery compartment-based case around from many of the larger suppliers. The dimensions are 111mm x 83mm x 38mm (approx. 4.3in x 3.3in x 1.5in)

Avid readers will note that this is before my discovery of the DIYLC software, so you can see I am planning the strip board on paper (in full analogue mode).