Clean Boost Circuit Improvements

by | Apr 16, 2023 | Audio Electronics, Boost, Circuit Design, Guitar FX

This is a basic Operation Amplifier Boost circuit designed for guitar or bass. In this circuit, the Gain is set by Rfb and Ri.

Voltage Gain = 1+ (Rfb/Ri)
Voltage Gain = 1+(220/100)
Voltage Gain = 3.2, or 20 x log (3.2) = 10.1dB

Although this circuit will work, it has not been designed with commercial application in mind. In order to turn this into a product suitable for commercial application we would need to consider, the conditions under which it is operating.

Updated Schematic

Below is the updated schematic with improvements to the power section, such as capacitor filtering and reverse polarity protection diode.  The Input and Output impedance has been calculated to be suitable for operation as a guitar pedal. A  detailed breakdown of each section’s function, as well as DC and Small Signal Analysis, is featured in the video aimed at the intermediate pedal creator.

Stripboard Implementation

Following the request of some of my viewers. Here is one possible stripboard layout of the improved version.  This is currently unverified (17th April 2023) as I have not yet built this.  If you build it and it works, please comment below and I will add a ‘verified’ logo.